You'll find answers to our most common questions here. If your question is not listed please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Do you travel in bad weather?

Scotland's weather is unpredictable so we generally continue our trips as planned unless it is torrential rain. We provide insulated waterproofs but you can always re-schedule free of charge.

Do you carry children?

Yes, and we have special life jackets for them.

Can you carry disabled persons?

As long as you can board the vessel from the pontoon. This requires you to take two small steps onto the boat and our skippers always offer a hand for safety.

What is your refunds policy?

We're happy to refund you the full value of your tickets if we cannot travel or re-scheduling is not suitable.

I'm not confident on boats, is it scary?

Our tours and excursions are completely safe and every seat - with the exception of the two front ones - has handles to hold onto.

The river Clyde is generally very calm and it is generally comfortable travelling at any speed.

Our tours and excursions are designed to offer a mix of a relaxing journey with a bit of thrill now and again. So, in short, no it's not's actually a lot of fun!